Don't Hang Up
Don't Hang Up

When The Lotto Calls Do Not Hang Up

Don't Hang Up
Don’t Hang Up

An interesting story out of Australia is sending a message to anyone that is going to be playing and winning the lottery. If you win the lotto, and you are registered with your states lotto, they may call you to inform the winning numbers or to give you information about your win. With that in mind, they may call from a number you don’t recognize, and you may be tempted to hang up or to let it go to voice mail. Some may even think it’s spam and block the number.

That’s exactly what happened to an Australian man that was getting phone calls from the National Lottery. The National Lottery was calling to tell him that he had won. He picked up the phone, and immediately hung up, thinking that he was getting scammed.

But that made him realize, he had played the lotto recently. He scrambled to find the ticket, and to his amazement he had possibly won, so when the Australian Lottery called again to give him the good news, he finally allowed them to finish, he double checked his numbers, and it was true, he had won over $20 million in the lotto.

Let this be a lesson. Someday you may get a call from the lotto, and they may tell you that you’ve won a second chance drawing or a big jackpot. Whatever the case is, pay attention, it very well may be the real deal as this man found out in Sydney.

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