Unclaimed Lotto

Unclaimed Jackpots Still Require Verification

Unclaimed LottoThere are a lot of unclaimed jackpots in the lottery. The lotto announces that tickets were sold, and no one comes forward. There is a time limit to this, and you’ll find that it’s different depending on the game and the jackpot that is won. Many people buy tickets and do not really come forward. If you are one of those individuals that have thought they’ve lost, and didn’t realize the numbers were drawn, double check. Check to see if you’ve won, and come forward.

But what about unclaimed jackpots?

The lotto may announce that no one has come forward. Then what? Well, there are news stories such as the one that came out in the BBC about hundreds of people that came out of the woodwork to say that they were the winners of the lotto. The lotto then went to verify more than 150 claims, and each one was shot down.

One lady, in particular, claimed that she won the jackpot but her ticket was washed in her jeans! The ticket of course lost the numbers, and unfortunately, she was not given the money.

Could this happen to you?

If you do not check your tickets, if you just have some lying around, see if you’ve won. Scan them to see if it’s a winner, and double check the numbers. This will help you understand whether or not you won. Unclaimed jackpots will require verification, no matter what. Don’t neglect your ticket. You may have a winning option, and don’t even realize it.

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