The Power Ball Gets To $500 Million – Look At Other Prizes

PowerballThose that are playing the lotto may have heard about the big jackpot that is getting press right now. The jackpot has gotten high in the past, but it’s not always common to see it at 500 million dollars. Well that’s what it’s hovering at right now, and millions of people are playing where they can. While you can play with strategy, and score a huge win, don’t neglect playing to win other options. In fact, there are other prizes that are within the confines of this game, and it’s highlighted yet again by the secondary prizes that people could very well win today.

There are several other prizes that you can win, and in the case of a previous drawing, New York players won several prizes, while no one got the top prize. The winning numbers from Wednesday’s drawing were 09, 15, 43, 60, and 64.

Now, there were some winners from the drawing that occurred on Wednesday 8/16. These prizes are worth noting, because you may not always win the big jackpot, but you could win the secondary jackpots.

These are the prizes that were won:

Third Place Prize: $50,000

Fourth and Fifth Place Prize: $100

No one won the first prize, or second prize, but more than 150 people win the third and fourth, fifth place prizes.

Even though you may not have won the big one, or may not win the big jackpot, wouldn’t it still be nice to get one of these prizes? Well, you can’t do that if you’re not playing, even the big games like Power Ball.

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