Take Advantage of Any Free Programs

If you’re going to play the lottery, you might as well take advantage of all the things that come through your way, for free. That’s exactly what is happening right now in Michigan. Well, kind of. Michigan is issuing out a new rewards program for lottery players. That means that you are going to get free play in some instances, rewards that give you prizes, and so much more. That leads to the best advice that you can take away from this type of action, and it’s simple, join in.

For those that are in Michigan, you will be happy that you will be able to get free play, and ticket codes starting in January 2018. The Michigan Lottery announced that they will be including player club rewards that will give you a great deal of points for playing with non-winning tickets. So that means that if you lose playing scratchers or any other lotto, you can enter stubs or codes, and get a second chance, as well as points.

More details are still coming out, but this is something that many other states are starting to adopt. The notion that you can win by losing is not always fun. However, with second chance offers and free points programs, you can get better odds than If you didn’t play at all. Keep a look out for any free options in your state, and make sure that you play and use second chances whenever you can.

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