People Are Winning Too Much Money With Lotteries

There are a lot of people winning the lottery multiple times today. You do not always hear about them because the state lottery companies do not want to tell you about this. But there are some companies that are looking into this, and journalists are constantly focusing on the lotto as a whole. Today, buried in the news cycle was a little story about a few people that have been winning a lot, and the reason why they are doing so is baffling to news writers, but not to this blog.

The story of Clarance Jones is not a new one. He has been taking on a strategy that we highlight often on this blog and has pulled $21,000 from scratchers. He has been playing the lottery for some time, and only plays the higher costing solutions. He turned in 20 winning tickets on December 29, 2016. That makes him one of the “luckiest” players in the United States.

But why is this so unique? Well, it’s because his frequency of winning is something that many other players don’t seem to replicate. That is, because the news doesn’t always talk about it. But what people don’t realize is that Jones is using a strategy. He is buying multiple tickets weekly, and he is saving up the winners and throwing out the losers that don’t have a second chance offering on the ticket.

Mr. Jones is winning 20 tickets at a time, and pulling $21,000 or more by simply purchasing several tickets at once, weekly, and then cashing them all in. It’s a routine that has garnered him much success, and is now starting to raise the eyebrows of analysts, and journalism majors.

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