Ohio To Allow Credit Card Payments For Lottery Tickets

You can’t really play the lotto on credit. But that’s going to change soon, at least in Ohio. Ohio has announced that beginning in late October, there will be 6,000 new machines placed in a variety of places. They will accept the traditional payments of cash, but now, there’s a major change. This change could very well change the way that you play the lotto in the state of Ohio.

The change that is coming through is simple, credit cards will be accepted. That’s right, they will start to allow credit and debit cards at the machines for scratchers and daily drawings. The Ohio Lottery did not speak to whether you can use these methods over the counter, but as far as the machines are concerned, it will now be possible to use credit to start playing. This is a great thing for players that are focusing on budgeting, and strategies that will net them bigger payouts.

Will other states follow?

That’s the question that you may ask yourself. The thing that Ohio may be doing, is testing whether this is a viable solution. Credit card payments can be a slippery slope, but since this is a gambling element, it may very well be a good solution for some. Like anything else, this may be a proving ground and other states may soon follow if this goes well. If you’re a resident of Ohio, look out for these machines, as they will be out in October.

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