New York City Woman Wins Major Scratcher Jackpot

A woman playing the lotto in New York is now a new millionaire. Her strategy was simple, playing the lotto with a higher denomination. She plays scratchers, and did not want her identity revealed. However, the local news out of New York City caught up with the woman to find out what her plans are now that she was able to pull a serious prize. Her scratcher winning totaled $5 million dollars, the top prize of her game.

The accountant plays the lotto often, choosing scratchers. Her strategy was to play higher tiered scratchers on a daily basis, focusing on working through the prizes that would come up here and there. She had won smaller options, and on this day, had won a few dollars. With that money, she invested in purchasing more of the same tickets. It was within the next few tickets that she garnered a serious success, as she was able to draw a $5 million dollar prize. She will no longer have to worry about money, ever again.

She opted for a one time payment, and was given $3 million dollars in prize money. Her advice for other players? Just keep playing, and choose the higher priced lotto games. This woman purchased her tickets from a convenience store on her route to work in New York City.

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