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Lotto Winner Gets Sent Straight To Hospital

Lotto NumbersIt happened quickly, a man playing the lotto figured out that he was the next big winner. Lou Te Keeti had been playing the lotto for years before he finally hit the jackpot. He plays the New Zealand lottery and had not won a big prize in some time, and did not quit. He picked his numbers and figured out that something was up when the lotto numbers were drawn.

Mr. Keeti checked out the numbers and double checked them to realize that it wasn’t a fake, it wasn’t a joke, he had won the big prize. He had finally won a jackpot that would change his life. He had pulled $10 million in the lotto, and that was enough to fill him with joy.

Perhaps, too much joy, as a matter of fact.

Mr. Keeti tried to keep calm. He went about his days, but he felt ill, and it turned out, he was sick. He was rushed to the hospital, tests were run, and doctors finally found out that he was overcome with, joy. The diagnosis was in fact, “euphoria”, and that’s it. Keeti was overjoyed and it caused him to get sick and into a hospital bed.

Take some simple advice. If you win, make sure that you aren’t too thrilled, as you could end up in the hospital, as well. Just try to breathe, relax, and well, enjoy the “euphoria” of winning.

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