Lotto Claims

Lottery Winners Are Not Claiming Their Prizes

Lotto ClaimsOne of the more interesting things that you’re going to find in regard to the lottery is that many people do not know that they win. In fact, they don’t collect their earnings! Don’t think that this is true? Consider looking at the news on any given day and you’ll see a lot of headlines like this one:

“Who won $3.8M Jackpot?”

“Winning Ticket Sold, No One Comes Forward”

This is odd, right? Why aren’t people coming forward? When you play the lotto, how long do you take to check the numbers? Do you wait a few days, or do you assume that you didn’t win? There are a lot of people that check religiously, and then there are those that don’t check at all.

It’s important that you do not become one of these individuals that miss out on claiming your big prize. If you are going to play the lotto on any capacity, you should check to see if you won. You can look online, you could look at the store you purchased your ticket from, or you can call the lotto in your state to figure out the winning numbers.

In these modern times, it’s easier than ever to get the winning numbers. If you’re going to play, do not miss out on figuring out whether or not you’ve won. There is a time limit on the winning ticket that you may have in your possession. Keep that in mind.

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