Know The Lotto Numbers
The Lottery Numbers Have Secrets

Know Your Numbers To Win Lotto Jackpots

Know The Lotto Numbers
The Lottery Numbers Have Secrets

One of the recurring themes that you are going to see in lotto tips relates to numbers. Experts are going to always talk about the numbers and how you need to know them. This is something that some scoff at, and it’s unfortunate. There are 3 major reasons why you should look to the numbers to win the big lotto in your area. Whether you play often, or you’re a novice, you should always know what the numbers are saying, and how they relate to the math of the jackpots.

Random Number Generators Aren’t Random

The first thing that you need to know is that the lotto numbers are picked by random number generators. These are the same things that are used in Las Vegas and casinos around the world. You may think that they are absolutely random, but they aren’t. They are based on algorithms and software that is programmed to make computations at a faster rate than a human brain. However, a human wrote that code, and regardless of the title, there will always be a “hack” to exploit. Don’t let the idea of random fool you, you can win big if you demystify this programming feature.

Repetitions Occur More Often Than Not

Every set number pair in the world comes through with a pattern. Pattern recognition is one of the greatest assets that you can have when playing the lotto. Those that win multiple times don’t always win jackpots of six figures. They win hundreds, thousands, and they win multiple times throughout their playing career. You don’t always hear about them. These professional lotto players can easily pull six figures in a year, simply by recognizing patterns and winning small jackpots here and there.

Winning Isn’t Always About Hitting All Numbers

Here is the biggest tip that you are going to want to take away with you today, and it’s simple, you don’t need to hit all the numbers. You may be shocked to learn this, but that’s true. Too often, people assume that to win the lotto you need to match all numbers. Nope. You need to look at the rules of the game, and then aim for smaller jackpots sometimes. Again, the winners that pull a ton of lotto jackpots don’t always get the big prizes, they get the smaller prizes. Look, if you played $10 in the lotto today and you won a $5,000 jackpot, would you be mad? Of course not! Then don’t worry about matching ALL the numbers, just match enough to pull smaller jackpots often. Imagine hitting 10 of those in a year, that’s $50,000 won from your investment. Not bad huh?

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  1. I appreciate all your tips. Thanks. But what about the “multiple” opportunities? Do they pay off? 2x, 3x etc. I view them as a waste of money. What are your thoughts?

    • There is no “waste” of money if you stick to a strategy and you are writing down your wins and losses, alongside the numbers and loss elements. If you treat the lotto like a business, you will succeed, and that’s the big thing, most don’t treat it as such.

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