Illinois Woman Pulls $75K From Crossword Scratcher

It’s been stated time and time again, your best odds at winning scratchers is to play higher denomination tickets. That is once again proven today with the news out of Freeport, Illinois. The Illinois lottery has confirmed that another winner has come forward, this time a woman that has been playing lotto games for some time. She has been purchasing scratchers, and finally hit the big one. The game she was playing? Ultimate Crossword, which is a $10 – $30 game depending on which variant you purchase.

Kayla Hagen buys two tickets a week, and buys the higher priced ones on a regular basis. She sticks to that budget, and buys them from the same place every time. She’s been doing this for some time, and hasn’t won anything too big in the past. But today, she is sitting on a five-figure prize that is no doubt going to change her life forever.

Ms. Hagen won $75,000 in the lotto, thanks to this scratcher, and it’s one of the many reasons you should emulate her path to success. Play higher denomination scratchers, and you could very well be hedging your bets, garnering you a larger success than if you were to go with just $1 options.

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