Homeless Woman Pulls Powerball Jackpot

PowerballIn a feel good story out of Illinois, a homeless woman is the lucky winner of a recent Powerball lottery drawing. While she didn’t win the top prize, she still managed to win a smaller prize, which is a great thing for her. Crystal Nelson goes from living a truck, and hoping to get by day to day to winning $50,000 in the lottery.

The struggle for her has been real, and while she had been playing the lotto on and off for years, she managed only minor victories of $1,000 each from time to time. After several years however, she was able to pull the big victory, garnering $50,000 in a lump sum.

She hopes to get an apartment with the money and is no longer going to be homeless. When news media caught up with her, she was overjoyed with the win. She said she had been playing out of desperation for many years, and finally it paid off. She claims that the win is not going to change much about her life, other than getting her out of a parking lot and back into a nice place to live. She had won the ticket from a liquor store near where she stays, and is now feeling the lotto rush as she’s a winner.

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