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Do Not Fall For This New Lottery Scam

lottery newsThere is no feeling quite like winning the lotto. You play, you strategize, and you finally get the big win. It’s ecstatic, it’s amazing, and you will be given a check and the glory that comes with it. But one thing that will not happen is simple, you will not receive mail for it.

Again, you will not receive mail announcing that you’ve won.

Remember that note.

The main reason is because there’s a new scam going around states that have the lottery. News out of Iowa today is just one area that is being hit hard with this scam. This is a scam that feels so real, especially if you’ve been playing the lotto for some time, and haven’t won.

The scam is simple. A letter in the mail comes from the America Mega Million Lottery company. The letter says that you’ve won a big prize, just for playing the lotto. Not only that, there’s a check attached. That check claims you need to call a number to get a code to cash it and claim your millions.

That is of course, a scam.

It’s imperative to not take these letters seriously. If you receive a letter claiming that you’ve won millions. Take a moment to read the fine print, and do not call anyone or respond to the letter. Instead, throw it away. If you have doubts, call your state’s lotto office, and ask them if they are sending out winning notices. You won’t be surprised when they say, no.

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