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CBS Reveals Some Interesting Tips On Winning The Lottery

Lotto Scratchers CBSOne of the biggest companies in the world unwittingly unleashed some top tips to winning the lottery. It’s an interesting push forward, and many people do not understand what the writer pushed out. CBS put out an article online that condemned buying lottery tickets. They claimed that you could never get rich if you invested in lottery tickets. This is an interesting headline, and it’s an obvious one in many iterations. But here’s the thing, they revealed some secrets in the hit piece.

They first revealed, “the odds are better with scratchers”, well, they can be if you consider playing with a strategy. They revealed that if you purchase tickets that are on a larger denomination, you will win big. The article cited that they played a $20 ticket, and won $500. Think about that. $20 spent on a ticket, netted the writer $500! Yes, if you spend more, you are more likely to win, and a win is a win, right?

Another tip that they helped recognize is a simple one as well, don’t buy $1,000 worth of tickets at once. It’s never a wise idea to just buy tickets on a whim, without any strategy, and just throw your money around. Do not do that. The worst way to go about trying to win the lotto is to just throw your money around on a whim. Instead of buying $1,000 worth of tickets on a Monday, spread that $1,000 across several days, from $10 a day for 100 days to $1 tickets across 1,000 days, spread it out, don’t just invest in one day.

CBS may not think that you can win the lottery, but guess what? They are wrong. Their own article showcases secrets, and 2 of the biggest ones are listed above. People win the lotto daily, and some win multiple times. If you won $500 once a week from scratchers, it would be worth it, right? Well, it happens more often than you may realize.

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