California Lawsuit

California Man Sues The Lottery Over 5 Million Dollar Jackpot

California LawsuitOne of the things that you have to pay attention to when you’re going after lotto winnings is the fine print. That’s what you will learn from this latest news bit coming out of California. You see, a Long Beach resident was playing scratch-off tickets and found himself with a serious win. He had pulled a $5 million-dollar jackpot from a ticket that he purchased for only $5.

Ward Thomas, from Long Beach, is suing the Mobil station that sold him the ticket, and the California Lottery.

Here’s where things get sketchy. You see, the man sent in his underage son to buy tickets. That’s a big red flag. You cannot play the lottery in the United States if you are not 18 years old. The attendants should have never sold the ticket to a minor, but none the less, the man claims he played the tickets, not his son.

The end result, the California Lottery did not honor the ticket, and now a lawsuit is going to determine whether or not the man will get his 5-million-dollar jackpot.

While this case is still ongoing, it should be noted that to play and win the lottery you have to be 18 years old. You also have to have the winning ticket, and you cannot expect the lotto companies to honor your tickets if they find out minors are buying them. It’s simply not a good thing, so make sure that you keep that in mind. This case is not over yet, but it will no doubt set a precedent.

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