California Lottery Letting People Buy Lotto Tickets Online?

A new company coming to the forefront of lottery purchases in California is doing something that is quite rare. They are allowing people to buy tickets with their debit or credit card. That’s something that is not usually allowed at authorized retailers, which makes this an incredibly rare feature. But it’s not directly through the California Lottery’s websites, or anything along those lines.

In fact, William Shatner is now the spokesperson for the company LottoGopher. This is a company that helps individuals purchase and manage tickets. They are a third party that buys and distributes tickets from authorized dealers like a concierge. That’s right, you go to that site, you order tickets from LottoGopher, and you manage your winnings etc.

This sounds illegal right? Well, the news has been tracking this story for some time and the California Lottery has finally commented. The California Lottery has stated that they are currently aware of this option and it’s not outside of the realms of what players can do. What that means is simple, individuals can in fact use this service to purchase, manage, and group together tickets that can help them win the lottery. If you’re in California, you may want to test this out, as you try to pool together money and tickets with a strategy. Otherwise, you may want to stick to the retailers that are authorized to sell lotto tickets outright.

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