Australian Man Chips Away Until He Wins Lotto Twice

An Australian man is rejoicing today as he has proven the idea of winning the lotto more than once to be a true endeavor. This may sound odd to some, but if you play long enough, using a good strategy, you will win eventually. That’s exactly what this man, who remains anonymous, did, and he let his secret out.

The story starts 10 years ago, with a $5,000 win. The man used a strategy in which he picked a set of numbers and played them weekly at the same game. It took him several months to win $5,000. Then he went on a 10 year dry spell. He still applied the same logic, playing the numbers and continued to try and win, only to get smaller prizes. But this month, this year, was the big one, he finally pulled another jackpot, and that second jackpot would change his life.

The price point of his big win, is $685,000 in cold hard cash. Using the same method that garnered him $5,000 10 years ago, he was able to pull a second jackpot, this time six figures in length. It took him 10 years of playing the same numbers, but when you do the math, you’ll realize that he is in fact doing something that has been recommended by this blog often. Sometimes, you just have to keep playing, because that big win could be around the corner, even if it takes 10 years.

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