A Simple Tip To Ensure Top Prizes Are Not Taken

One of the major defeats that you will feel when you play scratcher lotto tickets is losing outright. You may not know that you’re playing a losing ticket, and that’s the problem. Playing a game where you don’t know if the prize is available is a blind luck choice. Do not chase this. Instead, look at making sure that you know that there are prizes still out there, and then only play games that give you the upper hand. Even if you can’t get a sure thing, you can at least get better odds if you just follow this one simple tip.

The first thing that you need to do is locate your state’s lottery website. Every state that has a lotto has a website where players and individuals can read information about the games. That includes what prizes have been claimed for scratchers. You’ll find a list of games and the prizes that are available. Look at that table, and then choose games that have prizes that you can garner. If you want to chase a six-figure prize, only play the games that still have that option available.

Every state updates their page with how many prizes are left, which ones have been claimed, and which games do not have any top prizes left over. When you play the lotto, you should know whether or not the top prizes are still there for you to take, that way you can at least ensure that you’re chasing a real prize, and not something that has been long gone.

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